Hickey Quotes

Best Hickey Quotes & Captions

Give me Hickey
Where only we can see them
And give a shot of love

One of the biggest problem of our generation is to "Hide a Hickey"

I will love you like
you have to wear
high neck dresses
to hide love bites

He is like a Hickey,
On my Soul..

"A kiss on the forehead or lips?"
He asked "A hickey"
I replied with a grin.

Best Hickey Captions

Hickeys on the neck would heal but, 
Pain of heart and
Marks on the soul won't...

Let the Pain of Hickey
Give you more Pleasure
It isn't Risky
Cuz thats My Love Measure

Hickeys are beautiful
Because they are bruises 
From lots of love and
Affection not hate

Hickey which you gave
Before you left is now
Turned into a scar.

Hickey Status

The last hickey bite
You gave on my neck still
Reminds me the bond
we share

His footprints on her neck 
of love notes telling her
He was here and here