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Colin Glass & Multisurface Cleaner now comes with a brand new formulation that not only gives amazing shine but also 99.9% germ removal across your home surfaces. So simply spray to get an amazing shine and 99.9% germ removal.

Shine Bharpoor..
Germs Kare Duur..

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Sparkling Shine with Germ Removal | Colin

Colin Ad Cast

Female Model Name :- Eisha Chopra

Eisha Chopra is a writer and actress, known for P.O.W. Bandi Yuddh Ke, Out of Love.

Instagram Id :- @eishachopra

Male Model Name :- Namit Das

Namit Das is an Indian film, television, and theatre actor. He has acted in several tv commercials.

Instagram Id :- @namitdas

Model NameInstagram
Eisha Chopraeishachopra
Namit Dasnamitdas

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