Glow & Lovely 3 in 1 Advertisement Cast Model Real Name

Glow & Lovely is an Indian skin-lightening cosmetic product of Hindustan Unilever.

Glow & Lovely 3 in 1 TVC

Glow & Lovely (formerly known as Fair & Lovely) Multi Vitamin Cream - 3 in 1

Glow & Lovely Ad Cast

Pink Dress Model Name :- Malhaar Rathod

Malhaar Rathod is an actress, known for Hostages, MTV Nishedh and Darshan Raval: Tera...

Instagram Id :- @malhaar_rathod

White Dress Model Name :- 

Instagram Id :- @

Glow and Lovely BB Cream (Formerly known as Fair and Lovely BB Cream)