Sporto by Macho Advertisement Cast Model Real Name

When you realize why Rashmika makes Vicky reach for a water bottle, you know that "Yeh toh bada #ToingHai".

Sporto by Macho TVC

Sporto by Macho | The Water Bottle

Sporto by Macho Ad Cast

Female Model Name :- Rashmika Mandhanna

Instagram :- @rashmika_mandanna

Male Model Name :- Vicky Kaushal

Instagram :- @vickykaushal09

Sporto by Macho TVC 2

Sporto by Macho | The First Gaze

When Rashmika loses the count and Vicky catches it, you know that "Yeh toh bada #ToingHai".

Model Name Instagram
Rashmika Mandhanna rashmika_mandanna
Vicky Kaushal vickykaushal09