Maxo Genius's Liquid Vaporizer Advertisement Cast Model Real Name

Maxo Genius's Liquid Vapourizer is now 80% stronger and can fit all mosquito repellent machines. So, you and your family will stay protected from irritating mosquitoes at all times. The new floral aroma is calming & fresh while keeping the irritating mosquitoes at bay.

Maxo Genius's Liquid Vaporizer TVC

Maxo Genius's Liquid Vaporizer- 80% Stronger

Maxo Genius's Ad Cast

Male Model Name :- Rajkummar Rao

Instagram Id :- @rajkummar_rao

Female Model Name :- Onima Kashyap

Instagram Id :- @onimakashyap

Model Name Instagram
Rajkummar Rao rajkummar_rao
Onima Kashyap onimakashyap