Crompton SilentPro Fan Advertisement Cast Model Real Name

Presenting, Crompton SilentPro - A powerful ceiling fan that gives you and your family peaceful moments of silence at home, as you reap the benefits of unbelievable savings.

Unlike regular fans, Crompton SilentPro is extremely silent in its operation while being highly efficient in wide air delivery. And there's more! With the ActivBLDC Technology, Crompton SilentPro consumes up to 50% less energy than regular fans.
So don’t wait any longer! Switch to Crompton SilentPro to avoid being annoyed with your old fan’s ‘kharkharkhar’ sound.

Crompton SilentPro Fan TVC

Crompton SilentPro Fans ke saath #SilenceBhiSavingsBhi

Crompton Fan Ad Cast

Female Model Name :- Kanupriya Gupta

Instagram Id :- @kanuu7

Male Model Name :- Karan Veer Mehra

Instagram Id :- @karanveermehra

Model Name Instagram
Kanupriya Gupta kanuu7
Karan Veer Mehra karanveermehra