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The Party Perfume | FOGG

In this ad Varun Mitra, Ahalya Shetty, Deepti Sati, Shinnova, Deepti Sharma, Paloumi Das, Abby & Caitlyn. 

Lekin wo perfume nahi lagata...

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to be updated..

Fogg Fine Advertisement Cast Model Name

Here's our latest project for Fogg Fine, showing what happens when a guy tries to impress women with a strong smelling deo.

Fogg Fine TVC

Guy tries to impress beautiful women.. | Fogg Fine

Male Model Name :- Eklavey Kashyap

Instagram :- @eklaveykashyap

Female Model Name :- Isha Dhillon

Instagram :- @bronzedgoddessxo

2nd Female Model Name :- Nicole Bell

Instagram :- @nikkibell10

3rd Female Model Name :- Ishita Singh

Instagram :- @ishitasingh011

4th Female Model Name :- Ikshita Deshmukh

Instagram :- @ikshita_deshmukh