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For children struggling every day with ADHD help turn the tables with Qelbree. A non-stimulant prescription medication for children 6 to 17 with ADHD for challenging.
ADHD symptoms once daily Qelbree helps provide significant relief so instead of their world revolving around ADHD.
Qelbree helps make ADHD symptoms manageable. It's not known if Qelbree is safe and effective for children under six pay attention to changes in your child's mood Behavior thoughts or feelings within the first few months of treatment.
When the dose has changed as medications like Qelbree may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or behaviors in some children tell your doctor about all your child's medications.

Qelbree can increase heart rate and blood pressure and may cause panic in patients with bipolar disorder. Qelbree may cause sleepiness or fatigue so use caution before driving or operating heavy machinery.

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Visit Qelbree.com and ask their doctor if non-stimulant. Qelbree can help make your child's ADHD symptoms manageable.